18 Dec 2021

The Stable Orbit Executive Review

The Executive Review is the simplest, fastest way to engage the Stable Orbit team to help improve your digital experience (DX) practice. Whether you're deep into OpenText technology or just testing the waters, we can assist you with practical answers and an actionable plan.

by Taylor Bastien

Over the years, one of the most popular engagement types we've been involved in are Executive Reviews. They're a time-boxed / cost-limited opportunity to connect, get to know each other and how we work together. A team of Stable Orbit subject matter experts will capture your business needs and strengths to then build a concrete plan that will power you towards success.

The basic premise of the Review is to hit the ground running and in a few short weeks, frame a practical strategy and plan of action that fit your exact needs. The end result should give you clarity and confidence, no matter your starting point or your end goals.

If you'd like to chat with our team and explore how Stable Orbit and the OpenText technology stack could contribute to your DX practice, have a look at the fact sheet below then contact us to get the conversation started.

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Executive Review

Marketing Success, Accelerated

There’s no way around it: adopting digital experience software is a considerable investment in time and money. As with any other investment, you should expect a tangible return – results that align with your strategic goals, increase your impact in the market while adding to your bottom line.

The Stable Orbit Executive Review is both a process of open discussion and a set of focused, practical deliverables. The main goal is to inform your key decision-makers on how the OpenText ecosystem of digital experience (DX) products can help your team grow in confidence and achieve real success. The Review is a highly personalized dialog between your leadership and a team of Stable Orbit's subject matter experts. Through a series of working sessions, we will capture your current projects, future goals and feed these into a useful plan of action. Thanks to the open format and focused deliverables, we will meet you where you are with clear, actionable advice.

The final report and briefing will include valuable insights into Digital Experience trends, risks to your organizational goals and will spotlight where OpenText's suite of tools and products can best fit into your existing ecosystem.


Our workshops are a discovery event allowing both your organization and Stable Orbit to identify how OpenText solutions can help fuel your marketing strategy. Both teams will come away with a list of action items and next steps.

Stable Orbit Objectives

  • Understand your current situation, applications and projects
  • Understand the business challenges that affect your organization
  • Understand your unique strategic goals, both short and long term

Stable Orbit Deliverables

  • Underline what’s possible with OpenText technology and how it can help you
  • Highlight where your organization can improve through best practices
  • Develop a roadmap or medium-term plan for the use of OpenText technology


The best way to make these briefings successful is to focus in on your specific needs. Depending on where you stand in your journey, we may choose to narrow the conversation to a specific topic, allowing us to more directly and immediately contribute to your success.

Example Topics

  • Health Check – An examination of the current solution infrastructure, leading to a prioritized list of actionable items aimed at maximum positive impact.
  • Move to the Cloud – A strategy to upgrade and migrate existing infrastructure to the cloud. The output is a road map of short / medium / long term goals.
  • Architectural Review – To help clients who are running new OpenText projects achieve success, we execute a review of recommended architecture and design.
  • Content Migration – Moving content and assets into TeamSite can be a complex undertaking. We prepare a plan on how to most smoothly migrate existing content and assets onto your new platform.

Photo Credit: zhang kaiyv from Pexels